San Antonio Spurs Coach is so well-known for his oddball interviews — which run the spectrum from perturbed and terse to goofy and hilarious — the NBA once made a “best of” mixtape.

As you can see in the footage, it’s pretty clear that in particular, Pop isn’t totally crazy about the mandatory in-game interviews. Royce Young of got an explanation from the legendary coach before Tuesday’s Spurs-Thunder game.

“I think it’s an unnecessary activity that we’re doing because it takes us away from our job. We talk to the media all the time and when it’s a TV game, the TV is in your huddles, they’re everywhere. We have microphones on us. I don’t see the sense of taking us away from our team when we’re supposed to be doing something defensively or offensively at the end of the quarter. So I think for the period of the game, it’s bad. I don’t think it’s necessary. So, since we still have to do it, I try to have fun with it. I think the people get a kick out of it.”

Understandably, he is also not a fan of dumb questions: “When somebody says, ‘You know, you guys couldn’t make a basket, what are you going to do?’ We’re going to make a trade during the timeout. I’m going to ask them not to miss.”

But hey, Pop isn’t always a grump. When Craig Sager left sideline reporting for treatment on acute myeloid leukemia last season, Popovich sent out a truly touching message to the longtime reporter while speaking to his fill-in, Craig Sager Jr.

And regardless of whether he enjoys taking part in the in-game interviews, Popovich’s bizarrely charming demeanor does indeed make the games more entertaining. So sorry, Pop, but when it comes to interviews, your pain is our pleasure.