(Eric Feferberger/AFP/Getty Images)

Starting this fall, Georgia Tech will give its student-athletes an additional $1,720 per school year to cover their full cost of attendance. In other words, it’s money for cellphone bills, travel expenses and other costs on top of tuition, fees, room and board, and books, which until this year were the only things athletic departments were allowed to pay for.

In total, this new spending will cost Georgia Tech around $500,000, so obviously the school will want to find a way to raise some extra revenue.

And that’s where the Rolling Stones enter the picture. On June 9, Mick, Keith and the rest will become just the 10th band to ever hold a concert at Bobby Dodd Stadium, which is home to the Georgia Tech’s football team.

According to ESPN.com’s Andrea Adelson, the gig is expected to cover about half of the school’s total cost-of-attendance expenses for the year.

“The reason we’re doing that is not because we want to have a concert on our great football turf, it is to find ways to generate other revenues,” Georgia Tech Athletic Director Mike Bobinski told Adelson. “We have to look for other things to fill in the gaps.”

Adelson reports that the school hasn’t hosted a concert at Bobby Dodd Stadium since Pink Floyd played there in 1994.