Every NFL team has a practice team, which used to be called a “taxi squad,” dating back to when legendary Browns coach Paul Brown convinced his team’s owner, who also owned a taxi company, to stash away some promising players by giving them fake cab-driving jobs. A.J. Francis is on the Dolphins’ active, not practice, roster, but it would seem that he also intends to join a real taxi squad.

Francis’s tweet elicited some replies, mostly along the lines of, “You’re joking, right?” After all, a guy with an NFL gig wouldn’t want or need a part-time gig, would he? Well, maybe he would.

Francis, who played his college ball at Maryland, may actually have good reason to want some extra cash. The defensive tackle went undrafted in 2013, got picked up by the Patriots, then cut and placed on their practice squad, and then snagged by the Dolphins, so he knows how close he is to not having an NFL job.

In addition, Francis spent the 2014 season on injured reserve, so he is aware of how injuries can derail a dream of playing in the pros. According to Over the Cap, he is set to make $510,000 this season, which is a hefty chunk of change, but with the way things can change in the NFL, that salary could be $0 next year.

So why not pick up some cash in the offseason? As far as part-time jobs go, at least driving a car around does not present much of an injury risk. And basically, all it takes to become an Uber driver is a license, insurance and the aforementioned background check.

Plus, the 6-5, 330-pound Francis sounds like the type to enjoy playing the role of cabbie every now and then.