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Canadiens fan rigs living room for world’s best living-room goal celebration

The Montreal Canadiens celebrate after scoring the winning goal against the Ottawa Senators during the overtime period in Game 2 of the first round of the the 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs at the Bell Centre. (Eric Bolte/USA Today Sports)
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The Montreal Canadiens are great at a lot of things, including but not limited to having super goalies and also never forgetting how many Stanley Cups they’ve won.

They’re also ace at putting on a show. Montreal’s hype videos are the very best hype videos, always and forever. Their pregame spectacular will basically make you wish you were Canadian, too.

And now even the game experiences for fans watching at home are better than yours. For proof, I’d direct you to this set-up from Francois Maillet, who rigged up his living room for … well. Just check it out.

This is extremely next-level. Well done Francois Maillet.

Maillet used the the announcer’s “Goooooaaaaallllll!!!!!!” call as a trigger for his own personal light celebration, he explained on his blog. It was all very clever and technical.

“Everyone should learn to program, and just hack away, and do cool stuff,” said Maillet, who called it “empowering” to work on a project like this.

You can read about the light show in his blog post here, if you want to make your own. There is even a diagram, which is probably very helpful, if you … uh, understand any of this stuff.

“I think anyone with a bit of programming experience could at least get the flashing lights,” Maillet said. “Maybe not the automatic trigger, but the part with the flashing lights is pretty simple.”

If you don’t have programming experience, I guess you can try flipping the light switch on and off about 47 times after a goal? Probably about the same.

Montreal leads the series against Ottawa 3-1, and faces the Senators at home on Friday night.

“I’m actually going to the game,” Maillet said. “And we’re going to win tonight so I guess we’re going to have to wait for the second series to get more flashing lights.”

(h/t: Puck Daddy)

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