Trainer Barry Hunter breaks down Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao's signature styles in the ring in advance of their May 2 bout. (Whitney Leaming/The Washington Post)

The cheapest ticket for the Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Manny Pacquiao fight May 2 is going for over $4,000 and the pay-per-view costs $100. What’s a red-blooded American seeking to watch the fight for free, the way sports on TV in America were intended to be dangit, to do?

Head south of the border … pronto.

The fight will be shown for free everywhere in Mexico by Televisa and Azteca, the World Boxing Council has told TMZ, and that sounds like a pretty good deal.

“Televisa and Azteca must be recognized for their great commitment, for bringing to Mexico this bout for free,” the WBC told TMZ. “This has never, ever happened in any country of the world.”

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Mexico, as TMZ notes, is one of the fight’s major sponsors and the official beer of the fight is Tecate, so it makes sense that the fight might be shown there for free.

And it makes sense that, maybe, the best option for watching it is to head for San Diego (flights under $400 from Washington, D.C.) and drive across the border. There’s a long weekend in Cancun (at the Hard Rock) available from Washington for $850, another option.

Of course, you could always check Vines and Periscope.

Or you could just, you know, call your TV provider and pop for the hundred bucks.