James Politi may be “an unemployed graphic designer,” as he put it, but he seems to be putting his spare time to good use. On Tuesday, the aspiring art director, who recently graduated from VCU, uploaded some very cool-looking images to Imgur.

Politi posited a world in which NBA teams wore football helmets. As an exercise, he and partner Luke Daly refused to simply copy-and-paste official NBA logos, instead re-imagining them for his hypothetical scenario. Also, whereas many NBA teams use basketballs in their logos, very few NFL teams use footballs, so the pair decided to leave out any basketballs in their designs.

Let’s check out a few, shall we? As this is The Washington Post, we’ll start with our hometown Wizards:

It’s eye-catching, but I don’t know, Washington fans might not really be into the Cowboys-esque star. Politi wrote about this design: “Personally, I see the Wizards’ logo change as a complete upgrade. I had an angry paragraph written about the triangle-legged sorcerer and I am happy I didn’t have to share it.”

What of the team the Wizards just swept out of the playoffs? Paul Pierce probably would say that the Raptors’ helmet doesn’t have “It,” but I like it:

Check out this cool Raptors logo concept in this graphic designer's album entitled "If the NBA had Helmets"

LeBron James may not play in Florida anymore, but his Cavaliers’ helmets have a distinct Tampa Bay vibe:

The Pacers, who play in Big Ten country, get a nice Michigan treatment:

Redskins fans, in particular, might like the Warriors’ helmet, for which Politi and Daly used Golden State’s 1962-63 logo:

For the Rockets, the designers were inspired by World War II fighter jets, with awesome results.

if the rockets played football...full album in comments

If the Wizards get a star on their helmets, what about the NBA’s team in Dallas? Turns out, the Mavericks’ helmets look a lot like the Chargers. Go figure.

For the whole batch, go to the Imgur gallery. And for goodness sake, someone give this man a job, already!