Please take a quick second and watch the video above, because it’s basically the best.

This is 89-year-old Bryan Sperry, who played college football for Kansas State and — later — for Kansas. If that college career isn’t impressive enough, I would point out that between those two stints, Bryan Sperry was serving in the military during World War II.

Sperry, who appeared in the Orange Bowl for KU, was on the field again earlier this month for an alumni scrimmage in Lawrence, the Kansas City Star reported.

Sperry was 17 years old when he first left home to play football at Kansas State. He was 19 when he served as an infantryman in the Battle of the Bulge, the large and bloody battle in the final years of World War II. Three years later, in his early 20s, he was hauling in a pass for Kansas in the 1948 Orange Bowl.
If that sounds like quite a life, well, yes, that’s true. It’s been close to 70 years since Sperry suited up for a college football game, but on Saturday afternoon, at age 89, he pulled on a blue KU jersey and headed out onto the Memorial Stadium turf, playing in Kansas’ alumni scrimmage before its annual spring football game.

“That was fun,” Sperry told the Star. “I didn’t know if I could run.”

Oh, he’s just being modest. Look at my dude go. C’mon everyone, group hugs for Bryan.

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