Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo has racked up 39 goals in La Liga this season. Rival Lionel Messi of Barcelona has a current tally of 38. With just four games to go in the year, the competition to see who will emerge as the Spanish league’s goal-scoring leader is tight.

So, perhaps that explains Ronaldo’s eyebrow-raising reaction to when his teammate Alvaro Arbeloa scored beside him during Wednesday’s match against Almeria.

Ronaldo eschewed high-fiving his teammate to kick the ball angrily back into the net instead as if to say, “Dude, that should’ve been mine!” But then again, soccer is a team sport, should it have been? All goals for Real Madrid should be good for Cristiano Ronaldo right?

Either way, Arbeloa isn’t holding a grudge against his disgruntled teammate. Or maybe he’s playing dumb.

“I’m not upset about Cristiano’s gesture,” Arbeloa said (via Real Madrid’s Web site). “It’s normal that he should be angry, he didn’t score and his ambition is always to score.”

Best frenemies forever?

Real Madrid fans don’t really care in the end. Their team, which still has a chance to top Barcelona in La Liga’s standings, won 3-0. Besides Arbeloa’s goal, young forward James Rodriguez put in a stunning volley. The third goal was an Almeria own goal. But — and this should make Ronaldo feel good — Almeria’s mistake happened because Ronaldo was putting the pressure on defender Mauro Dos Santos, who accidentally kicked the ball in while trying to clear it.