(Juan Medina/Reuters)

European soccer money is no joke, so when a French magazine reported earlier this week that Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo donated $8 million of his own money to the earthquake relief effort in Nepal, the world really, really wanted to believe it.

Unfortunately, however, according to the charity Save the Children, that wasn’t actually what happened.

“The latest information on the donation of Cristiano Ronaldo to the emergency response of Save the Children in Nepal is false,” read a statement posted to the organization’s Web site on Thursday.

The organization, for which Ronaldo has worked as a global ambassador for since 2013, went on to thank the 30-year-old soccer player for lending his famous visage to the group’s efforts to raise awareness about the strife.

“The global ambassador for Save the Children, Cristiano Ronaldo, has used his voice and his global visibility to raise awareness of the problems that the most vulnerable children around the world, including those affected by the earthquake in Nepal face,” the statement says.

In April, Ronaldo, who makes around $80 million according to Forbes, posted a picture of a mother and child in Nepal to his Facebook page and on Twitter petitioning his followers to donate to Save the Children.

It should be noted, however, that at no time did Ronaldo himself ever publicly state that he donated any money of his own to the relief effort, let alone nearly $8 million. Of course, if he wants to, the organization would probably still appreciate it.