The hottest accessory at NBA playoffs postgame press conferences this season? Kids. They’re everywhere.

While lots of people love the trend, not everyone’s a fan, including ESPN’s Brian Windhorst and his coworker Ramona Shelburne.

Windhorst and Shelburne made their remarks after Steph Curry’s young daughter Riley stole the show at Tuesday’s postgame press conference following the Golden State Warriors’ 110-106 win over the Houston Rockets in the first game of the Western Conference finals. At one point, Riley even climbed under the table.

Is this kind of side-bar entertainment really such a bad thing, though? Twitter, of course, was split.


Retired NBA star and Steph Curry’s father Dell Curry sided with his son, who was once photographed by his side at a game, too.


“They’ll get over it,” Dell Curry told USA Today’s For the Win blog, referring to those upset with Riley’s adorable antics. “He was still able to do his interview. She didn’t stop that at all.”

“She’s was just waving to reporters,”  he added. “That’s just the way she is. She knows what’s happening. She knew she was on the stage and she knew people were talking to her daddy and she’s on his lap and she’s just like ‘Hey, how’s everybody?’ That’s just the way she is.”

By mid-morning, much of Twitter was over it already. Sure enough, the hot takes ascended to new, meta levels, and by 11 a.m. EDT, the debate began to look a lot sillier online.

What do you have to say about all this Riley?

“Be quiet,” Riley weighed in on Tuesday.

Seems about right. Maybe she learned after showing up behind Uncle Seth in January.