Convicted killer and former Patriots player Aaron Hernandez has been keeping himself busy in prison. Between treating jail like an NFL training camp and the occasional prison fight, the 25-year-old also found time to sit down long enough to get a tattoo.

Yep, that says “lifetime,” which is the length of the prison sentence a Massachusetts judge sentenced Hernandez to last month after he was found guilty of shooting Odin Lloyd to death.

The upper half of Hernandez’s new tattoo, which also looks to include a star and at least one additional word, made its debut at Suffolk Superior Court on Thursday afternoon while Hernandez was being arraigned on a witness intimidation charge for allegedly shooting his ex-friend Alexander Bradley in the face. Prosecutors allege Bradley was with Hernandez on the night in July 2012 when Hernandez supposedly killed two others, Safiro Furtado and Daniel Abreu.

Hernandez pleaded not guilty to witness intimidation and also not guilty to the murders a while back.

Hernandez is currently awaiting his next trial date for double murder charges for allegedly shooting Furtado and Abrieu. The trial is expected to begin in November, according to the Boston Herald.