In 2001, Allen Iverson famously began an NBA fashion trend that continues to this day, when he started wearing a sleeve on his right arm. He reportedly liked the sleeve because it alleviated a case of bursitis in his elbow, although he kept the sleeve on for the rest of his career, well after it had lost its medical use.

There may have been another reason why Iverson liked the piece of apparel so much: because it covered up his least-favorite tattoo. The hoops legend was a pioneer in getting inked all over his body, and as he explained recently, all of his tats are special to him, except one of a large panther on his right arm.

The Huffington Post asked Iverson about his favorite tattoo(s), and he replied, “I can say my kids, my mom, my grandma, my girl. And then everything else, I love those, too, because they all mean something.”

Then Iverson pointed to his right forearm and said, “Except this one right here. This was to cover up some — my friend Rahsaan used to tease me about a tattoo I had right here.

“But it was so big,” he continued, “and what he was teasing me about, he said it looked like a flying monkey. It’s supposed to have been a Grim Reaper holding a ball, but it did look like a monkey.

“But he was teasing me so much, I just covered it with the panther. I had to, I mean it had to be something big, so this is really the only one that don’t mean anything. This was just a cover-up.”

Looking at old photos of Iverson, it appears that he got the not-so-grim Reaper done sometime in early 1998.

But sometime in late 1999 or early 2000, the panther took its place. RIP, Reaper.