As if their owner’s plan to build a massive stadium and entertainment complex in Los Angeles wasn’t enough of a hint that they want to relocate, the St. Louis Rams have left another clue in their contracts with contractors and advertisers.

Such contracts used to run from May to May. But this year they run only to the end of February 2016, which also happens to be near the end of the window for NFL teams to announce their relocation plans.

Brian Feldt of the St. Louis Business Journal uncovered the Easter Egg and talked to a few of the team’s contractors:

IT consulting firm Perficient’s sponsorship contract now runs to the end of February 2016, according to Bill Davis, a company spokesman. …
Davis said he noticed the changed dates, and asked the Rams about it.
Rams officials told him the team was changing its contracts to coincide with the end of the playing season, according to Davis. The Super Bowl is held in early February.
A Rams contractor who works on an annual contract said it was also changed, and now expires at the end of February 2016.
“To me, right away, it made sense,” said the employee, who asked not to be named for fear of reprisals. “As a business, they have to notify the league in February if they are moving, so why would they want to pay people beyond February? They didn’t say that was why, but I put two and two together.”

NFL teams must announce their plans to relocate between Jan. 1 and Feb. 15.

In March, Rams owner Stan Kroenke showed his fellow NFL owners plans for the privately financed, $1.86 billion stadium he wants to built in Inglewood, Calif., near the old Forum. Kroenke has not publicly said he wants to move the Rams to Los Angeles, but no one expects him to build a stadium to be used by another NFL team.

Officials in St. Louis are working on a proposal to keep the Rams by building a $1 billion stadium on the Mississippi River.