NFL players can be fined for any number of reasons. There are fines for being late to meetings, wearing the wrong socks, illegal touchdown celebrations and flashing gang signs.

Courtesy of Von Miller, we now know that at least one team also fines its players for farting. Miller is known as a top pass-rusher, but thanks to a new diet, he’s also become a top gas-passer, and his wallet is all the lighter for it.

In April, Miller told the Broncos’ Web site, “Sometimes you’ve just got to step away from the burgers and stuff.” Instead, his meals have been bolstered with a lot of “broccoli or green beans,” usually raw.

“I’m going to be a whole lot better with nutrition and conditioning than I was last year,” Miller told “I was in a great place last year, and hopefully I’m going to be in a whole lot better place this year.”

That’s great for him, but teammates also might be finding themselves in a better place — one that’s not downwind from Miller. Still, the “fart tax” might be costing him these days, but all that flatulence could come in handy on game day, as the sack master gets past an offensive lineman with a let-one-rip move.