It’s hard to know what’s more noteworthy about the Patriots’ Super Bowl rings, that they feature 205 diamonds or that the team has trademarked the phrase “Do your job.” In any event, the coveted pieces of championship memorabilia were handed out Sunday during a bash befitting the bling at the home of owner Robert Kraft.

That’s nice Sebastian, but just one ring, that all ya got?

Now, that’s more like it, Tom Brady.

[ Brady, Gronk bust a move on the dance floor ]

But none other than Bill Belichick, not normally the show-offy — or, for that matter, smiley — type, was determined not to be outdone in the jewelry department. Apparently, Vince Wilfork has no hard feelings toward Belichick, who unceremoniously dumped the 11-year defensive stalwart in March.

Here’s a closer look at the ring, which in addition to the aforementioned 205 diamonds, also contains two trademarked phrases. One of them, “We are all Patriots,” makes sense, but “Do your job,” really?

Kraft released this statement:

“I have been blessed to host four Super Bowl ring ceremonies, and just like the rings we present, we have tried to make each ceremony a little bigger and a little better than the one before.”

“Football is the consummate team sport. These championship rings represent all that the team endured and overcame together. The players on this team will forever be bound by the memories this ring represents.

“The presentation of the rings is one of my favorite moments. I love watching the expressions on the faces of each of our players and the range of emotions they experience when they see the ring for the first time and the pride they all have when they put it on. Tonight’s celebration is really a culmination of a job well done.”

According to the Patriots, these are the largest Super Bowl rings ever, and they have nearly as many diamonds as the ones commemorating the 2003 (104) and 2004 (124) championships put together.

But enough about the fancy hardware, the real question is: Did Kraft jump onstage with Wiz Khalifa? Why, yes, he did.

The other question is: Was Darrelle Revis, who helped the Pats win the title, then jumped back to the Jets and noted (in the wake of Deflategate) that New England has  “a history of doing stuff,” in attendance? Apparently, he had other stuff to do, because the cornerback was reportedly not at Kraft’s house.

One of the world’s highest-paid people not named Revis was there, though. Gisele Bundchen wandered over from her nearby house with her hubbo.