The St. Louis Cardinals are under investigation by the FBI and Department of Justice to determine whether the organization hacked the computer networks of the Houston Astros.

Deadspin reported last summer that the Astros’ “Ground Control” database wasn’t very well protected from a password standpoint. Not long after that breach and the Deadspin report, Cindy Boren writes, the Astros acknowledged a security problem and Deadspin reported that the FBI was investigating.

When word of the latest FBI and DOJ investigation spread Tuesday afternoon, Twitter lit up with guesses of the Astros’ terrible passwords.

Some wondered if the team had picked the most basic of passwords (you know, the ones your company’s IT department warns you against):

With Houston’s ties to the space program, there were a fair share of NASA-related suggestions:

And, more than anything else, folks seem to think the Astros passwords were a hint that they were pining for former players: