The offseason exploits of the Stanley Cup are legendary, as each member of the championship team gets a day to spend with the trophy and more or less do what he wants with it. But a pair of Blackhawks wasted no time in putting the Cup to unusual use.

Shortly after Chicago had defeated Tampa Bay, 2-0, to win its third title in six seasons, Kris Versteeg put his son, Jaxson, who’s all of two weeks old, in the Cup. The baby was calm amid the on-ice festivities at United Center, as he was sensibly outfitted with noise-canceling headphones.

Versteeg’s teammate, Andrew Desjardins, followed suit with his five-month-old son, Ames.

In a word: Awwww. Those are much cuter scenes than what transpired in 2008, when the Red Wings’ Kris Draper took advantage of his day with the Cup to put his newborn daughter in it. A newborn daughter who wasn’t wearing diapers, and proceeded to poop in the hallowed trophy.

In a word: Ewwww.  (Note to self: Never drink from the Cup.) In other child-related Cup news, the Avalanche’s Sylvain Lefebvre used it in 1996 for his daughter’s baptism, as did Detroit’s Tomas Holmstrom in 2008, hopefully before his teammate Draper got the use of it.

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Congratulations to Versteeg and Desjardins on their children, their team’s success and being the first of this Blackhawks squad to do something charmingly wacky with the Cup.

H/T Leonor Vivanco