The Golden State Warriors won the NBA championship, sending LeBron James off in to a funk and Bay Area fans into a frenzy, but, really, only one thing matters.

Riley Curry!

America’s Darling, the 2-year-old daughter of Stephen and Ayesha Curry, wasn’t her usual exuberant self in Cleveland on Tuesday night. Frankly, she was sleepy and really preferred not to be bounced, jiggled or approached for a kiss by her sweaty Daddy, but good grief she was still adorable.

The whole scene was pretty overwhelming, so much so that she couldn’t even buy into Mommy telling her the Warriors were going to win “the whole thing.”

It took a lot of prompting from Doris Burke to get her to step into the spotlight, another sign of the weighty ennui she was experiencing.

As if being a little discombobulated (she’s 2!!!) weren’t enough, she also was ignominiously photobombed while posing with her mom, grandmom Sonya and other family members.

A wee bit later, she discovered that she’s scarcely much bigger than the Larry O’Brien trophy.

There was no podium appearance this time, so Steph Curry was left to talk about how cool it was to win the title with his family with him. His father, Dell, was a long-time player in the NBA.

“Yes, it’s an unbelievable feeling in that moment,” Curry said. “I followed in his footsteps. I’ve talked about how impactful he’s been in my life, just being an example on and off the court of what a true professional is and how he raised me and my brother and my sister. So to be able to have that moment was special.

“He’s living through me and my teammates this — and my whole family — through this whole journey. I can’t be more proud of him as a father and a role model and example for me. I hope it made him proud tonight […] it’s special to have a guy that plays 16 years in the league, and you understand how hard it is to get to this point, and that makes it so much more special for me to have this for my family.”