Some day, Trevor Gretzky hopes to wear the same No. 99 his dad wore in the pros.

You may have heard of Trevor’s father. A fella named Wayne. Scored a bunch of goals playing hockey. Look it up.

But if Trevor Gretzky is going to wear the jersey number his dad used, it won’t be playing the same game Wayne did. It will be playing baseball. And the idea for Trevor to wear cleats rather than skates was his father’s.

“You’d be surprised. He knows a lot about baseball. Pretty much everything I know about the game is because of him,” Trevor Gretzky said of his father, who used to take him to batting cages in Southern California, where he grew up.

So far, Trevor Gretzky isn’t experiencing the same level of success that Wayne had. Wayne only holds a passel of hockey records, starting with most goals in a career (894).

Trevor, a leftfielder for the Class A Burlington Bees in the Los Angeles Angels’ farm system, is hitting .269 as of last week, but in fairness, he has been slowed of late with a knee injury.

“He plays a good left field. Catches the ball, makes the plays. He’s got some power in his bat,” Burlington Manager Chad Tracy said. “There’s a lot of things to like. Now he’s going to get a chance to show it here.”

The Angels reportedly intend to let 22-year-old Trevor, who was originally taken by the Chicago Cubs in the seventh round of the 2011 amateur draft, spend the summer polishing his game in such bustling Midwestern metropolises as Bowling Green, Ky.; Beliot, Wis.; and, of course, Burlington, Iowa, population 25,000.

The Angels must have some faith in Trevor Gretzky considering they traded Matt Scioscia — son of Angels Manager Mike Scoioscia — to get him.

Though Trevor Gretzky played a little youth league hockey as a kid, he decided to blaze his own trail apart from his dad. And maybe some day, he’ll be as great at his sport as his dad was at hockey.

“All pro sports are the same. You work hard, and the guys who work the hardest and play the hardest come out on top,” Trevor said. “He’s been telling me that since I was a little kid.”

Maybe Wayne could work in a few pieces of advice for Trevor and his future son-in-law, Dustin Johnson, about bouncing back from adversity. Johnson could use them right about now.