(Jorge Adorno/Reuters)

Neymar’s fans have watched the young Brazilian execute a perfect rainbow flick over his opponent’s head hundreds of times in games, but have you ever seen what it might look like from the star’s perspective? Nike’s letting you in this brilliant new ad released Saturday that, sure, is designed to sell soccer cleats, but also gets an A-plus for creativity.

See, you don’t just watch it, you interact with it. If you’re watching on a mobile device, when you move it left, right, up or down, your view shifts. If you’re watching on a desktop, then you can use your cursor and mouse to look around to see what Neymar might see in this situation.

One thing is clear. Neymar makes mincemeat of all his opponents, at least in Nike’s virtual reality.

In actual reality, the 23-year-old won’t be doing much to opponents as he serves out the remainder of his four-game national team suspension for allegedly head-butting his opponent during Copa America play. No rainbow flick could allow him to avoid that trouble…