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Harbaugh owned up to his “clunker” of an interview but said Cowherd should share some responsibility.


Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh had a good night on Tuesday. Look at him dig in for this first pitch before the Tigers game.

And then Harbaugh went on Colin Cowherd’s ESPN Radio show Wednesday with an unenthusiasm unknown to mankind (transcript edited for clarity).

CC: When are you at your least intense, because you are a pretty intense guy.

JH: Well good morning, Colin, how are you? Good to hear your voice!

CC: I’m great Coach, how are you! … Is there ever a moment in the day when you’re like: ‘I’m cupcake, I’m soft. … When’s the part of the day when you’re a pushover?”

JH: [laughs] I don’t know, I don’t know. Uhh, guess I don’t know. Maybe I guess ask Sara, my wife. I don’t know.

CC: I watch you on Instagram and I watch you on Twitter. You’re very much into the community. … It does feel different at Michigan because of your history there. … When I watch you, you really seem to be all in.

JH: Uh, yeah, I would agree. Can’t disagree with that.


CC: Is your day that much different, college to pro?

JH: Um, yeah, I don’t know how that much different. There’s more similarities than there are differences actually, Colin.

CC: Like, how? I mean, basically you get in early, you leave late.

JH: [laughs] Yeah, that would be a similarity. Coaching football. You know, building a team. More similarities than differences, I would say.

CC: [talks a bit about the Big Ten landscape] The Big Ten feels like a “buy” to me.

JH: The Big Ten feels like a “bye” to you?

CC: You don’t see that?

JH: Explain that to me. What do you mean by “bye”?

CC: Let’s be honest: Michigan’s a heavyweight. Ohio State’s a heavyweight. They now both have great coaches. It feels like the Big Ten is on the come. It feels like there’s momentum in the conference …

JH: Oh, like “buy,” as opposed to “sell.” I thought “bye week.”

CC: No, no, no.

JH: Like a “buy.”

CC: Yeah, that’s what it feels like to me. Does it feel like that to you?

JH: It feels very competitive to me.

CC: Um-uh.

JH: … at the highest level of college football.

CC: Season opens Sept. 3 at Utah. Coach, when do you put in a game plan, how does it work?

JH: It’s a process. It’s been going on for months and will continue over the next two months.

CC: You’re not a rear-view mirror guy, it doesn’t seem like. You’re kind of forge your way, go …

JH: [interrupting] This feels like one of those where you ask like 50 questions on a …

CC: [also interrupting] Well, you’re giving me slow … Well, you’re not giving me a ton to work with, Coach! So I just want to find something out about Jim Harbaugh, the human being!”

JH: Okay.

CC: [posing a hypothetical] I’m a player right now .. and I want to play for a bunch of schools and I’m listening to Jim Harbaugh. I wanna play for Jim!

JH: [joking] Do you have any eligibility, Colin?

CC: No, and I can’t play worth a damn. But I’m saying is … I want Jim Harbaugh, the guy. ‘Cause I bring all these coaches on and I want the guy! … I’m a 4.3[-second 40 time] wide receiver, why should I play at  Michigan?

JH: You are?

CC: No, but if I was?!?!?

JH: [audible deep breath, no talking]

CC: This seems terribly difficult, Jim. This is just not working. I love you to death, Jim, I really do! But it seems like we’re going nowhere with this. And I love you, I’m a huge Harbaugh fan!

JH: Okay, what can I do to make your interview better?

CC: I’m just asking open-ended questions and you have not much to say! I want you to sell your program. That’s why I bring Urban [Meyer] on … I love you guys, I want you to sell your program!

JH: [no response whatsoever]

CC: [thankfully pulling the plug] Listen, I love you, it’s not working, I appreciate you stopping by, Jim Harbaugh. … I’ve been in the business 10 years. That was a clunker. There’s not much I can do about that.

Harbaugh apparently did not appreciate the back-and-forth. Here’s a tweet that was quickly deleted.


That tweet was apparently taken from a Harbaugh parody account. Apologies.