Russell Wilson and Ciara are shown at the White House in April. (Olivier Douliery/Getty Images)

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson made news with his announcement Sunday at a church that he and his girlfriend, pop singer Ciara, were practicing sexual abstinence after “God spoke to” him. On Tuesday, Bomani Jones expressed skepticism about whether they would, in fact, stay celibate, but his own choice of words wound getting him embroiled in a very public Twitter debate with fellow ESPN writer/analyst Chris Broussard.

On the network’s “Highly Questionable,” Jones said, “I don’t believe him [when Wilson said that he and Ciara were practicing abstinence], because I don’t think that either one of them looks especially stupid.” He went on to point out that Wilson didn’t say that he had never previously had sex with Ciara, and of the quarterback’s “epiphany,” Jones drily noted, “We’ve heard that one before.”

That had Broussard pausing from round-the-clock NBA offseason coverage long enough to take issue with Jones’s comments, via Twitter.

Jones, never one to shrink from an argument, was quick to respond.

Broussard came back with a pair of pointed hashtags, and things progressed from there.

By then, both ESPN personalities were getting bombarded with the opinions of hordes of Twitter observers, and Jones singled a few out for reply. Broussard, however, kept the one-on-one matchup going.

At that point, things finally started to wind down between them, although Jones continued to spar with other Twitter commenters. Eventually, Broussard and Jones ended their debate on, more or less, a gracious note.

As of this writing, that was the last word from Broussard, but Jones was still taking on all comers, or so it appeared.

It will be interesting to see what, if anything, ESPN does about this public spat, one which involved the highly charged subject of religious beliefs. In November, the network apparently suspended baseball analyst Keith Law for taking issue over Twitter with tweets that colleague Curt Schilling had posted about evolution.

(H/T Vice Sports)