When you’re you, you go to a relative’s house for the Fourth of July, putter about the next day, and then it’s back to the grind. When you’re an NBA superstar, you park your mega-yacht in the Bahamas for several days around the Fourth, and then … oh, you’re still there!

Dwyane Wade caused a bit of a frenzy last week when he was spotted hanging out with LeBron James at the Atlantis resort, which had folks wondering if the pair was set to team up again, this time with the Cavs. Wade wound up re-signing with the Heat, and the notion that he was palling around with James for purely social reasons was reinforced when photos emerged of the pair being joined by Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony.

On Tuesday, Wade himself posted a photo to Instagram of the quartet raising glasses of wine, along with the caption, “#BrotherHood.”

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So what, exactly, were they toasting? Wade didn’t provide any answers, which only gave an opportunity for the Internet to gleefully chime in.

Earlier on Tuesday,

published a photo of Wade (along with his wife, Gabrielle Union), Paul and James riding a

. Perhaps not the coolest look for the trio of NBA royalty, but they’re presumably having too much fun in the sun to care.

Anthony wasn’t present in that photo, but that was probably for the best — these days, it’s got to be embarrassing enough for him to be photographed in a Knicks uniform.