(Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Florida State dismissed freshman quarterback De’Andre Johnson earlier this week after video emerged of him hitting a woman at a bar. Now a woman is demanding that the Seminoles reinstate Johnson in a change.org petition, because his punishment was sexist.

Here’s Alexis Shoemaker, a woman:

In the fight for social justice and gender equity, it is important that we understand that respect among both genders is important to the functionality of American society. It is unfair for a man’s life and dreams to be taken away from him because of a mutual assault. DeAndre was the only party punished in this incident, simply because he is a male, and that is unfair and sexist. He should be given another chance at fulfilling his dream and showing the world that he is an outstanding young man, who made a great mistake. No one is perfect, and a person’s character can not be determined by one wrong move. If we judged all Americans by their first great mistake, what type of society would we be? #ReinstateDeandre

The woman’s petition — to get a guy who hit a woman back on Florida State’s football team — had nearly 3,000 votes as of around 7:30 a.m. EDT Friday.

Here’s the security cam footage of Johnson hitting a woman. Was his punishment sexist?