The marriage between WNBA stars Glory Johnson and Brittney Griner may have been short, but the drama lives on. News broke on Tuesday that Johnson submitted a court document requesting Griner pay her $20,000 per month in temporary spousal support, plus another $10,000 to cover attorney’s fees.

Johnson filed the court documents on June 29 in Maricopa County, Arizona, less than a month after Griner petitioned to annul their May 8 marriage.

An evidentiary hearing has been scheduled to go over both parties’ petitions on Aug. 17 at Maricopa County Central Building in Phoenix, according to ESPN.

Griner called the marriage a “mistake” and added that during the week leading up to it, she attempted to postpone the wedding “several times” while she sought counseling.

Griner’s request to annul the marriage also came just a day after Johnson announced she was pregnant, a decision she says the couple had planned via in vitro fertilization. Johnson has since revealed that she is expecting twins.

In April, the two were arrested for domestic assault at their home in Arizona. Griner entered a guilty plea to disorderly conduct and entered a diversionary program whereby all charges would be dismissed if she completed 26 weeks of domestic violence counseling.

At the time, both suggested the incident was isolated and the WNBA ended up suspending both women for seven games. Griner, who plays for the Phoenix Mercury, has already served hers, while Johnson will serve hers when she returns next season after giving birth. Johnson will not play for the Tulsa Shock this this season, the team confirmed.

Correction: This post was updated to correct an error that misidentified who was pregnant with twins. Glory Johnson is pregnant with twins.