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The Bills didn’t tell LeSean McCoy not to hold his creepy-sounding “Females Only” party, they just wanted him to take down an ad which featured their logo. As far as we know, the party, for which prospective attendees are asked to sign a confidentiality agreement, is still a go.

McCoy had posted the ad, below, to his Instagram account; he later took it down, but, of course, not before a bunch of screenshots were taken of it.

The Bills issued this statement: “We have reached out to LeSean and informed him that players are not permitted to use team marks for personal use without prior permission from the team.” Meanwhile, Anna Orso of Billy Penn responded to the e-mail given for RSVPs, and was given this info:

“Thank Your for Your RSVP to LeSean Mccoy’s Private Extravaganza Taking place on Sunday Evening July 26th 2015! Below are the Following Requirements to Be Confirmed for the Event.

1. Please Submit Full name (As seen on ID) 21+ is a MUST *ID’s Will be CHECKED for Admission

2. Please Submit 1 Picture AND Provide Social Media information I.E. Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

3. Upon Entry Patrons will be asked for ID’s and to Sign Confidentiality agreement.

4. There are NO PLUS 1’s Everyone MUST individually RSVP to event

5. Upon confirmation Email you will receive Pick up/ Drop off Location and Attire.”

The party, which is set to be held somewhere in the Philadelphia area, may have been inspired by a recent trip to Las Vegas McCoy took, if photos he posted to Instagram are any indication:

Not surprisingly, the Internet had a bit of a field day with Shady’s lady-fest.

The inclusion of a “confidentiality agreement” had a lot of folks thinking along the same lines.