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Kentucky issued Drake a cease-and-desist letter to keep him away from potential recruits

Kentucky coach John Calipari, left, and hip-hop star Drake speak during the team’s Big Blue Madness last October. (James Crisp/AP)

On Wednesday, Kentucky Coach John Calipari posted a couple of odd-sounding tweets regarding a certain rapper/Wildcats uberfan:

The “Madness” to which Calipari referred was last October’s Big Blue Madness, a major event on Kentucky’s campus that also serves as a recruiting tool for hotshot high-schoolers. However, the NCAA has all sorts of rules about how schools can go about that recruiting, and Kentucky specifically warned Drake, who, of course, was at the event, not to interact with any of those hotshot high-schoolers.

Unfortunately, Drake did come across some “potential student-athletes” (to use NCAA jargon) and “took pics,” as Calipari put it, with “a couple guys.” And for that, the school issued the hip-hop star a cease-and-desist letter.

We know this courtesy of Sporting News, which used an open-records request to obtain a letter sent by Kentucky’s compliance office to the NCAA. In it, the school self-reported the recruiting violations, hoping for just a slap on the wrist after explaining the lengths to which it went to keep Drake away from the PSAs, lengths that included attempts to keep the rapper from roaming certain hallways at certain times.

Kentucky was unsuccessful in restraining Drake from his photo-ops, but it apparently did manage to convince the NCAA to levy a negligible penalty. As for the Toronto music artist, Wednesday’s news won’t have much meaning, except as an opportunity for bloggers to remind the world that he appeared in the Wildcats’ layup line that night, and did this:

(H/T Yahoo Sports)