When WWE terminated Hulk Hogan’s contract on Friday amid allegations that he made racist comments about black wrestlers, the company didn’t just scrub all mentions of Hogan’s name from its Web site, but also any imagery that could be associated with him. For wrestler Curtis Axel, that meant what looks like demise of his entire character, which had recently evolved to imitate Hogan down to tearing of his T-shirt.

— Alex Yohnka (@ObiYohnkaNobi) July 19, 2015

Here’s what his character bio on WWE.com looked like before the Hogan story broke.

And here’s what son of Mr. Perfect’s page looked like on Friday morning.

Curtis Axel’s Twitter account, however, remained untouched for part of the day on Friday. However, by early afternoon, Axel also dropped his Hogan-inspired persona, as well as the phrase #Axelmania, which Axel invented earlier this year and quickly trended with fans, for an older photo of himself with the Intercontinental Championship. (Perhaps this is a clue to what his future story line might hold.) Check out the before:

And the after:

Neither Axel nor WWE has returned The Washington Post’s messages for comment.

Meanwhile, Axel’s latest tag-team partner Damien Sandow, remains “Macho Mandow” on WWE.com. Sandow took on the persona imitating Macho Man, who once tag-teamed with Hulk Hogan in the ring, in May.