Dennis Rodman sings “Happy Birthday” to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in 2014. (Kim Kwang Hyon/AP)

What do Donald Trump and Hulk Hogan have in common? Besides both being in WrestleMania 7, the two controversial headline makers have a friend in Dennis Rodman.

On Friday, the ex-NBA player tweeted his support for both Trump, whose no-holds-barred opinions have ruffled feathers in his 2016 presidential run, and Hogan, whose alleged racist rant against black wrestlers got him fired from WWE on Friday.

Sadly for Rodman, however, who also counts North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as a friend, only one of the men responded.

Hogan, surprisingly, has yet to reply to Rodman, who he used to work with as part of NWO, Hogan’s group in the defunct promotion WCW in the 1990s.

Unlike Trump, who has thousands of allies in the Republican Party base, Hogan has only found a few. Most notably, former WWE stars Virgil and Mick Foley tweeted their support for their old coworker after news of his alleged rant broke Friday.

Hogan appreciated it.