The International Olympic Committee officially recognized the governing body of disc sports, like Ultimate Frisbee, last week, a move that helps the sport take a step toward possible inclusion in Olympic competition.

“This is an incredible milestone in the 30-year history of WFDF [the World Flying Disc Federation] and a further important step for our International Federation in the development of our sport worldwide,” WFDF President Robert “Nob” Rauch said in a statement. “There could be no bigger anniversary present to WFDF, which was launched in August 1985, and we are looking forward to continuing to work with the IOC as our partner in promoting Flying Disc sports around the globe.”

The WFDF oversees other disc-based sports, too, like Disc Golf and Freestyle. Games in which a disc is used are played by thousands of athletes in 58 countries around the world and, while recognition by the IOC is nice, many sports are fighting for Olympic spots. There are two official Ultimate Frisbee leagues (the American Ultimate Disc League and Major League Ultimate) in the United States presently.

The sport, which a non-contact, mixed-team game, does not use a referee, relying instead, the WDFD says, on “sportsmanship and fair play.”