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The rivalry between the Seattle Sounders and Portland Timbers has been reduced to a poop emoji

(Erika Schultz/The Seattle Times via AP)

It’s unclear who exactly was running the Twitter accounts of the Seattle Sounders or the Portland Timbers on Tuesday, but from the looks of it Beavis was in charge of one and Butthead the other.

Check out what went down between the two MLS clubs after the Sounders announced they acquired midfielder Andreas Ivanschitz from Levante.

For those who might have a less sophomoric sense of humor, “Deuce” isn’t just star Clint Dempsey’s nickname. It’s also code for No. 2 in the restroom. And well, you can, guess how one might pronounce Ivanschitz’s last name.

Luckily (or not, depending on how sophisticated you prefer your sports rivalries), the Sounders knew exactly what the Timbers were getting at and they had just the reply.

The Sounders quickly deleted the tweet (is that the virtual equivalent of tearing up a referee’s notebook?), but not before fans screen captured it and re-posted it to live on forever.

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The Timbers did not respond to the Sounders’ now-deleted tweet, but perhaps they looked at MLS’s standings and decided they don’t need to. If the Timbers are the team equivalent of a poop emoji, one shudders to think what that would make the Sounders. The Timbers stand in fifth place in the Western Conference. The Sounders are in sixth.