A Jall of Fame banner is getting a frosty reception in certain parts. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

The folks at the Pro Football Hall of Fame put out one fire when they agreed to let the daughter of Junior Seau speak at his induction ceremony on Saturday. However, they now have a bunch more unhappy Chargers fans on their hands.

That unhappiness stems from a large banner draped near the entrance to the Hall, in Canton, Ohio. It shows all eight members of the Class of 2015, including Jerome Bettis, Tim Brown, Charles Haley, Bill Polian, Will Shields, Mick Tingelhoff and Ron Wolf. Seau, of course, is in there, too, but there’s something just a little bit … off about his appearance.

Oh dear. Sure, Seau did spend four seasons — or parts of them, anyway — in New England, but he was pretty much the face of San Diego’s NFL team for over a decade. It doesn’t look like Bettis is wearing a Rams jersey up there.

For the record, Seau was drafted by the Chargers fifth overall in 199o, then starred for that team until 2003, when he went to Miami for three seasons before finishing up with the Pats. All 12 of his Pro Bowl nods came in a Chargers uniform, as did 1,286 of his 1,522 career tackles (per Pro Football Reference).

To be fair, Seau is shown as a Charger elsewhere in Canton, for instance on the facade of the stadium, but the banner is in a highly visible spot.

Not surprisingly, this had some Chargers fans hurling bolts of anger on Twitter.

Some pointed out that this was akin to showing Joe Montana in his Chiefs jersey, or Brett Favre in Vikings gear. It’s just a shame that something having to do with the Super Bowl champion Patriots is causing a controversy these days.