Tom Brady, left, and Darrelle Revis were Patriots teammates in 2014. (Stephan Savoia/AP/AP)

It’s a good thing that Malcolm Butler came up with that last-minute interception in the Super Bowl. If Darrelle Revis had done it, Patriots fans might be finding it a lot harder to dislike him now.

However, Revis didn’t make that championship-clinching play. What he has done since helping New England win it all is: a) go back to the arch-rival Jets, b) claim in May that the Pats “have a history of doing stuff” and c) appear on ESPN on Thursday and say that Tom Brady should “live with” the four-game suspension he’s fighting in federal court.

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Revis was a guest on “First Take,” which took its show to the Jets’ training camp. The six-time Pro Bowl cornerback, who spent his first six seasons with the Jets before one-year stints with the Buccaneers and Patriots, was asked by Skip Bayless, “How do you feel, knowing Tom Brady the way you do, about the national perception that he cheated and lied about it?”

Here is what Revis had to say:

“I think it’s dragged a little too far, it’s a little too much. I feel he got the suspension, the four games, and, you know, live with it.

“I don’t know all the information, I don’t know everything about the whole situation. But Tom, I know he’s a competitor. He wants to win, and it’s unfortunate what’s going on right now with the situation.

“We’ll see Wednesday how this pans out, but overall, I think it’s dragged on a little bit too long, with the whole DeflateGate.”

Stephen A. Smith then jumped in and asked, “When you say ‘live with it,’ do you mean that, the four-game suspension, he should just accept it and move on?”

“I think so, yeah,” Revis responded.

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Interestingly, Revis’s fellow Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie saw things very differently. The player who once dropped an F-bomb on Brady, while also calling him an “a–hole” to the New York Daily News, told “First Take” that Brady’s punishment was unjust.

“Honestly, I don’t think he should be suspended,” Cromartie said.

“There’s no suspension in the rules, only a $25,000 fine,” he continued, “so I don’t see how you can try to lay the hammer down on somebody when the rule states for itself there’s no suspension.

Cromartie took issue with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s handling of DeflateGate, saying, “Are we trying to go back to SpyGate and get more from that? Or are we just … trying to say, ‘I have full control of everything, I make the rules as it goes, rather than follow the rules of what’s already been written.’ ”

Despite the Jets not exactly holding up their end of the bargain in the standings, their rivalry with the Patriots is one of the most heated in the NFL. Revis’s comments certainly won’t change that dynamic.

Unfortunately for the Jets, neither of their two scheduled games against New England come in the season’s first five weeks, when Brady is set to be suspended (the Pats have a bye in Week 4). Assuming the quarterback does square off twice against New York, Revis, Cromartie and the rest of New York’s defensive backs will want to be very much on top of their games.