UPDATE 1:30 P.M.

At a news conference on Friday, University of Minnesota President Eric W. Kaler revealed few details about the incident that led to Athletic Director Norwood Teague’s resignation, citing a desire to protect the identity of the two women who filed sexual harassment complaints against Teague.

“It’s important that the people who brought these complaints forward remain anonymous,” Kaler said, refusing to give the date of the incident or say whether the function at which Teague over-imbibed was a university-sponsored event.

Kaler also refused to say whether the sexual harassment in question involved either romantic overtures or any sort of hostile sexual innuendo. He said Teague chose to resign “once the realization of what he had done had come to him,” and that Teague is seeking alcohol counseling.

The university still could utilize Teague as a consultant as it moves forward with a large-scale upgrade of its athletic facilities, Kaler said, paying Teague $285 an hour (his usual rate). “He may have knowledge of donor relationships,” Kaler said.


Minnesota Athletic Director Norwood Teague has resigned after two non-student university employees filed sexual harassment complaints against him.

In the video statement below (obtained from KARE-TV), Teague admitted “he had too much to drink and sent inappropriate texts.”

Here’s more from Teague, via KARE’s Web site:

“After careful and painful consideration, I’ve decided to leave the University of Minnesota,” he said. “At a recent University event, I had entirely too much to drink. I behaved badly towards nice people and sent truly inappropriate texts.”
“I apologize to everyone involved. This neither reflects my true character or true character of this great, great university.”
Teague said the incident happened about two weeks ago.
He said he will be seeking help for his alcohol use and “reevaluating my life and career.”
“I’ve taken immediate steps to get help with my alcohol issues and I take full responsibility for my actions,” he said.

Minnesota President Eric W. Kaler accepted Teague’s resignation:

Teague had been Minnesota’s athletic director since April 2012, when he arrived there from VCU. Beth Goetz, the school’s deputy athletic director and senior woman administrator, has been named interim athletic director.