Carsten Klomlott might not ever be heard from again on the world soccer scene, but yesterday the German third division player put himself on the map with one of the greatest goals from open play we’ve seen in some time. Klomlott, playing for Rot-Weiss Erfurt vs Dynamo Dresden, pulled this off spectacularly. Take a look at that video. Watch it three or four times. Let that wash over you.

From just about the penalty spot, Klomlott’s rips a completely insane scorpion kick, beating the opposing keeper easily. This isn’t even something you’d try in a FIFA video game. And like most of the best goals in history, the audacity of the attempt is almost better than the execution of the strike. He stuck the landing pretty well, to boot. Scorpion kicks, by definition, are extremely risky with a very low reward. Trying to turn one in the box is an extremely ballsy move, one only surpassed by the stylings of one René Higuita.

Higuita played for the Colombian national team in the 80s and 90s, and was well known for his attack minded style. He took free kicks for the team, scoring 7 goals in his internationals career. He’s also credited with inventing the scorpion kick back in 1995.

Granted, Klomlott’s hit is of a more athletic, yet less risky variety and arguably more impressive. Either way, if this leads to a run of guys trying to score goals in this fashion in leagues across the world, we’re all for it.