Richard Sherman could have used this photo, too. (Reuters)

Say so long to the Seattle Seahawks’ “Home of the 12th man” slogan.

The phrase, on which Texas A&M has long had a trademark, is being phased out in favor of “Home of the 12s,” the team has told King 5 News. The school sued the Seahawks for infringement in 2006 and reached a settlement in which the NFL team could use the expression until 2016.

The Seahawks are changing the signs at CenturyLink Field and reducing use of the phrase on social media. The team created an @12s over a year ago ahead of the change.

King5 detailed just how lucrative the deal was for the Seahawks:

It may be the best deal in professional sports. The Seahawks have branded “12,” taken the ball and run with it. The “12” fan jersey is in the top 15 in sales in the entire NFL.

Forbes reports Seahawks merchandise sales grew 51% per month during the 2014-15 season and the Seahawks brand is worth $87 million.

The franchise is now trying to trademark – or already has trademarked – multiple variations of “12.”