Oh, Ovi. (Ivan Sekretarev/Associated Press, File)

The Russian Hockey Federation took a hit to the wallet Monday, drawing an $85,000 fine for dissing Canada after the world championship final.

The International Ice Hockey Federation decided that Russian players deliberately left the ice before the Canadian national anthem was played after Canada’s 6-1 victory in Prague in May.

Although the Russian federation claimed that players were confused by an open rink-side gate, the IIHF ruled that captain Ilya Kovalchuk made an “unmistakable head gesture” to signal teammates to leave after the medal ceremony. IIHF President Rene Fasel indicated that Alex Ovechkin tried to keep the team on the ice.

“This was exceptional as no other team has ever left the ice before the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship medal ceremony was completed,” the IIHF said in a statement, levying the fine after being told that Canadian officials had received an apology.

“The panel is of the opinion that the occurrences on the ice show that this is not a result of an unfortunate misunderstanding.”