Marvin Sharp, who coached former U.S. Olympic gymnasts Bridget Sloan and Samantha Peszek, was arrested and jailed early Monday on one count of felony child molesting in Indianapolis, according to multiple reports.

Sharp has not yet been formally charged, however, as a spokeswoman for the Marion County prosecutor’s office said the case remains under investigation. Investigators from the Indianapolis police department and the Indiana State Police carried out a raid on Sharp’s home to collect evidence early Monday. He was led from the home in handcuffs.

According to WTHR-TV, the investigation began after a female student at Sharp’s gymnastics academy in Indianapolis lodged a complaint against the coach. WTHR’s sources say more charges could be coming after investigators from the U.S. attorney’s office examine images found on Sharp’s computer.

Sloan and Peszek were on the U.S. team that won a silver medal in Beijing. The next year, Sloan won the national and world all-around titles and then finished fourth on the uneven bars at the 2010 world championships. Now a senior at the University of Florida, Sloan declined to comment about Sharp’s arrest to the Indianapolis Star.

Peszek begain training with Sharp after the Beijing Olympics. He was named coach of the year by USA Gymnastics in 2010. The governing body said in a statement that it’s cooperating with the investigation.

Parents of students at Sharp’s gymnastics academy seemed shocked by the allegations, per WTHR:

“My daughter has been going here. My oldest went here. I’ve never seen him with anything strange that would make me be, like, ‘What’s going on?’,” said parent Stephanie Holman.
Her daughter works for the female coach at the gym.
“I’m not saying it didn’t happen,” she said. “It very well could be a child with her feelings hurt and that’s the first thing that came to mind. You just never know.”
“It’s surprising, because I would not have even thought of it,” says one student’s father.
Another father said he was withdrawing his son from classes.
“I can’t support this,” he said.
The mother of another student said she was taking her child out of classes, too. She said the news “makes me sick.” Another mom is thinking about quitting, too.
“I can’t judge. I don’t know anything about the situation. I pray for anyone who’s been affected by it, that the truth comes out and people can heal,” she said.