Tom Brady won yet again Thursday when U.S. District Court Judge Richard M. Berman nullified the Patriots’ quarterback’s four-game DeflateGate suspension. Obviously, the Internet had stuff to say, including current and former NFL players, media members and, of course, football fans.

GIFs and memes popped up immediately following the ruling, including from the Pats and star tight end Rob Gronkowski, who could not contain his excitement.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell took a lot of heat.

Tom Brady got a lot of love.

But also an equal amount of jibing…

And poor Jimmy Garoppolo…

Amid the jokes, elation and snark, however, were a few measured responses. Many called this one of the biggest wins ever for the NFL Players Association.

Amid all the chaos, however, former Redskins player London Fletcher had a good question.

If you thought the hashtags surrounding DeflateGate were over, think again. The judge may have ruled in favor of Brady’s appeal, but now it’s the NFL’s turn should Goodell so choose.

A triumph by Brady and the union before Berman presumably would put Brady on the field when the Patriots host the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL’s season-opening game Sept. 10. But Brady, in that case, would be risking having to serve his suspension later, potentially late in the season when the games really matter, if the NFL prevails on appeal.

Twitter, of course, already has some predictions about how that might go.