Note to Bret Bielema: Don’t mess with Ohio. Earlier in the week, the Arkansas coach took a shot at Ohio State for not having a strong schedule, and then, on Saturday, his Razorbacks proceeded to lose to … Toledo.

At this point, Bielema has bigger issues to worry about than what he said Wednesday, such as how his 18th-ranked squad managed to lose, 16-12, to a team from the Mid-American Conference (albeit one expected to challenge for that league’s crown). However, for those of us happy revel in his comeuppance, here is what the former Wisconsin coach had to say (via

“I spent a lot of time in that other conference,” Bielema said of the Big Ten. “Ohio State’s ranked No. 1 and they have one game remaining on their schedule that has anybody ranked right now — Michigan State. We’re going to play eight straight opponents that are ranked.”

Bielema is correct about one thing: Arkansas does, indeed, have eight SEC teams coming up on its schedule — Texas A&M, Tennessee, Alabama, Auburn, Mississippi, LSU, Mississippi State and Missouri — that are currently ranked in the AP Top 25. However, he clearly should not have given any indication that he was looking past Toledo, which more than stood up for its neighbors in Columbus.

As that contest unfolded, Bielema was thoroughly clowned on the Internet.

Overall, the SEC didn’t give a great account of itself in the early going Saturday. In addition to Arkansas losing to Toledo, No. 6 Auburn barely staved off Jacksonville State in overtime (while Ole Miss, Georgia and Alabama won handily).

Now it is Arkansas’ SEC opponents who may find themselves with one less ranked team on their schedules, given the likelihood that voters drop the Razorbacks out after Saturday’s ignominious loss.