The Wall Street Journal, that noted chronicle of the fashion world, has the definitive say on this fall’s “it” look.

Go crazy, dads: Socks with sandals is an acceptable thing now.

“Wearing socks with sandals—a source of endless ridicule for dads, German tourists and hippies—is allegedly in vogue,” Stu Woo and Ray A. Smith write. “Calvin Klein Collection, Bottega Veneta, Marni and other luxury labels showcased the pairing at men’s runway shows in June. Attendees at men’s New York Fashion Week in July wore the comfortable combination. Footwear-maker Teva recently started selling sock-and-sandal packages while offering an online guide on how to pull off the look.”

You need a guide to tell you how to wear socks and sandals. Mercy.

Anyway, the WSJ authors put the New York Giants at the forefront of the socks-and-sandals movement, because about six of them rocked the look while meeting with reporters after a recent practice:

“Everybody that I know wears socks with flip-flops, except females,” says Brandon Meriweather, an eight-year National Football League veteran who doesn’t limit that look to the locker room. When he shows up at the mall wearing dark sandals with white socks, Mr. Meriweather says strangers ask two questions: “Are you Brandon Meriweather?” and “Why are you wearing socks with flip-flops?”
Mr. Meriweather and other athletes say they wear socks with sandals because they can. The locker room has no dress code, and their feet take a beating in cramped cleats. It’s nice to relax their toes.

Then British designer James Long said something weird and European and I don’t understand it:

At his Spring 2015 men’s show in London, Mr. Long outfitted models with socks and sandals. “The look was a ‘sports Jesus’ theme,” he says. “It was a feeling of a sports star that gave up sport and moved to Ibiza to pursue the more relaxed life.”

To summarize, it’s now cool to wear socks and sandals because of the New York Giants and “sports Jesus.” The end.