Green Bay Packers fans are called cheeseheads, but when it comes to overeating, they definitely prefer brats. Or one bratwurst, rather, that ran the length of Lambeau Field and was nicknamed after Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler because he’s used to “getting smoked” by the Packers, WBAY-TV reports.

Here’s how it was transported.

Yum, right? Right?!

Thankfully, the 250-pound sausage, provided by Johnsonville Sausage, looked a lot better on the grill.

Kind of… but consuming the Lambeau-length tube of meat on Sunday wasn’t just about the taste, it was to celebrate the new NFL season and the 100th anniversary of Lambeau Field’s concessions company Delaware North.

“It started out as sort of a joke of an idea and we kind of challenged Johnsonville for our 100th anniversary to make us a 100-yard brat,” Lambeau’s executive chef Heath Barbato told WBAY.

Johnsonville took the challenge seriously, however, and created a 120-yard bratwurst to match the field’s dimensions. And because no bratwurst can be safely eaten without the aid of a grill, the sausage company provided that, too.

“It was custom made just for this event today, 360 feet of stainless steel,” Johnsonville’s Ron Schroder told WBAY.

The event didn’t just taste good, apparently, but it also did good. The celebration raised roughly $40,000 for charity, including for Green Bay’s Humane Society, according to Sports Illustrated. Hot dog!

By the way, Cutler did get smoked on Sunday. The Packers beat the Bears, 31-23.