Tom Brady and Donald Trump have been friends for a while, but until now, their relationship seemed rather one-sided. Except for a Trump campaign hat that was spotted last week in the New England quarterback’s locker, most of the boasts of the two’s friendship came only from the Republican presidential candidate. Trump’s been tweeting about Brady since 2012.

And there are a lot of tweets. So many, in fact, that some wondered if Trump had less of a friendship with Brady and more of a man crush on him.

Well, Trump finally got some love back. On Wednesday, just hours before the second Republican presidential debate, the quarterback threw his definitive support behind the former reality television star when asked if he really thought Trump could win.

“I hope so,” he told reporters (via the Associated Press). “It would be great. There would be a putting green on the White House lawn, I can tell you that.”

The choice might seem strange for Brady, who’s trying to distance himself from scandal while Trump is seemingly always trying to court it, but he stands behind it.

He might not wear it, though. It seems Brady’s planning to keep the “Make America Great Again” hat in his locker for now.

“It was a nice keepsake,” he said of the hat. “It could be a, yeah, a nice piece of memorabilia he sent me.”

Trump, meanwhile, was calling out his MVPs before the debate began. And that, of course, included Brady.