Jay Cutler didn’t last long, suffering an injury as he tried to make a tackle on a pick six. (David Banks/AP)

Look, it’s not exactly a secret that success-challenged quarterback Jay Cutler drives Chicago Bears fans crazy.

Nowhere was that more apparent than Sunday during the Bears’ game at Soldier Field and over near Wrigley Field, where an offensive T-shirt featuring the lightning-rod QB was on sale. It was first noted earlier this month and then again on Sunday on social media.

Kent Somers tweeted a photo of it shortly before Cutler had another Cutleresque game Sunday. The shirt’s image shows Cutler with a gun to his head and the words “20 bucks says he misses.”

On Sunday, Cutler threw a pick six and hurt himself attempting a tackle. He immediately headed to the locker room and you pretty much know what the reaction was on social media.

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