(John Sibley/Action Images via Reuters)

It’s a question that’s permeated the minds of millions, and it’s not “What is the meaning of life?” It’s: “Who will be the next James Bond once Daniel Craig’s stint is over?”

For months, rumors have abounded. Esquire posed the question in August and came up with a list of actors, including Idris Elba, Damian Lewis, David Oyelowo and Michael Fassbender. But it failed to name the man who might have been the most popular — David Beckham.

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Apparently, quite a large contingent of fans in Britain were hoping the retired soccer star would be the next 007, but alas, according to the man himself, he won’t be filling the role.

“I’ve definitely not been contacted, I’m definitely not, obviously, up for doing something like that, but it’s nice to be linked (to the project), I suppose,” he told Good Morning Britain’s Susanna Reid on Tuesday.

Beckham added that he can “definitely not” impersonate Sean Connery’s famous voice nor “do a Roger Moore eyebrow,” although he’s willing to maybe look in the mirror and give that one a try. But he most definitely — his favorite word, it seems — will not be doing that on a movie screen anytime soon.

Ironically, Beckham did run into Connery not too long ago when both men attended the U.S. Open earlier this month.

As a joke, Beckham said (via ESPNFC), “I was going to kind of knock him on the shoulder and say, ‘You know apparently I’m up for the next role!’

“I’m such a big fan of his,” he added.

Instead of acting, Beckham’s been making progress with his plans to own an expansion MLS team in Miami.

In July, the 40-year-old reached a tentative agreement with the city to build a new stadium next to Marlins Park, where Miami’s MLB team plays.

“We feel extremely good about it,” Beckham’s business partner Marcelo Claure told the Miami Herald at the time. “Because you now have two great properties put together.”

But still no James Bond.