Curt Schilling must be a slow learner. Either or that, or he doesn’t care what his bosses at ESPN think. Because after being suspended by the Disney-owned network in early September for posting what many called racist remarks about Muslims on Facebook, the player-turned-analyst was back at it again.

In his latest social media faux pas, Schilling shared a photo posted by a group called Political Follies on his page last week. It shows an image of 9/11 juxtaposed with a head shot of Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson basically asking why Americans seemingly transferred their anger from acts of terror committed in the name of Islam to Carson, who recently said he would not support a Muslim for president. On Sunday, Schilling shared another photo, this time taking aim at undocumented immigrants, that was originally posted on “Joe the Plumber’s” page. The first post has been deleted. The second one remained posted as of Monday afternoon.

While this kind of political rhetoric that’s based on false correlatives shouldn’t even be taken seriously, not to mention Schilling has the right to believe whatever he wants, it does call into question whether Schilling has the professional judgment necessary to carry on at ESPN, which already scolded him for this exact same activity.

The timing of Schilling’s latest posts is also questionable. They come just days before ESPN announced it was ready to reinstate Schilling for the postseason.

Baseball season is almost over. The 2016 presidential election is only just beginning. There will be time to let loose on social media eventually. Schilling’s already waited a month to return to ESPN. It seems like it’d be a breeze to wait a month again to spout off.