Nick Young won and lost many fans when he claimed last year that his “Swaggy P” nickname was bestowed upon him by “God, in a dream.”

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Me and God tight like that

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The dream, however, turned into a nightmare for him last season when he and the Lakers finished 14th in the Western Conference standings with a 21-61 record. Young himself had arguably his worst season, scoring 13.4 points per game (his worst average in five seasons) and shooting just 36.6 percent from the field, a career low.

Perhaps sensing a need for a change — or maybe just a need to grow up — the 30-year-old killed off Swaggy P during Lakers media day on Monday and declared he’d like to be referred to by his birth name Nicholas.

What this change will mean going forward is unclear, however. Judging from a series of Snapchats gathered by the Lakers and posted to the team’s official Twitter account, it seems #SwaggyVision is still in full effect.

It was also “Swaggy P” who began dating and eventually got engaged to Australian rapper Iggy Izalea. Would “Nicholas” embarrass himself with Iggy Iggs on national television the same way Swaggy P did in August on “Lip Sync Battle?”

Who knows and, perhaps, who cares. The change Lakers fans care most about is that Nicholas doesn’t repeat the same mistakes as Swaggy P.