Those New York Jets. They think of everything.

Like hiring a sleep specialist in anticipation of their game Sunday in London. Jet lag wasn’t the only basic matter receiving attention, though. The Jets, informed that toilet paper in London was terribly thin, shipped 350 rolls of America’s finest ply-age across the pond, along with other necessities (like cereal).

Ben Shpigel of the New York Times told the BBC that shipping the TP, to be used in the team’s hotel and at Wembley Stadium, was the brainchild of an intern.

“There was an intern who had been over to London numerous times,” he told the BBC. “He noticed when he was there that — and I quote — ‘the toilet paper was very thin because their plumbing isn’t as good.'”

It might seem rather a rude thing to do, but Shpigel chalked it up to the NFL’s control-freak tendencies. At least one Jet was appreciative. (And feel free to make your own Cover 2 joke here.)

“We’re the best organization in football, man,” linebacker Calvin Pace told “Sometimes you guys write articles about us that don’t say that, but this place, they’ll do anything for you. I mean, who brings toilet paper? Little things like that make your trip easier. It’s a good thing for us. If it helps us win, I’m all for it.”