Ben Larson, a diehard Chicago Cubs fan whose team (you may have noticed) has been epically challenged when it comes to the postseason, had a real-life problem on his hands late last week.

He and his family snagged tickets to the Cubs’ wild-card playoff game in Pittsburgh on Wednesday — the day his University of Illinois math professor had scheduled a mid-term.

What to do? What to do? After all, the Cubbies haven’t sniffed the postseason since 2008.

He worked the numbers and did the only logical thing: he begged for mercy.

And got it. (The gods should be so kind to the Cubs.)

“I thought about [lying], I did,” Larson told the New York Daily News, “but then I was like, if I lie and go to this game that’s bad karma and the Cubs don’t need any of that.”

(Boy, is he a Cubs fan or what?)

He tweeted the exchange with a professor wise beyond his years.

“If it were any other team, I would hesitate, but, the universe gives Cubs fans only so many post-season games,” the prof responded. “They must be savored.”

And if he hadn’t gotten permission?

“I probably would have had to stay. Missing that test would have screwed me up.”