Football is a sport of discipline and organization, whereas young kids are . . . well, young kids. Thus Mighty Mite games, which feature children ages 7 to 9, often only bear a passing resemblance to football.

[Do not test this Mystics player’s Whip/Nae Nae game, G-Wiz. You will lose.]

But a recent exhibition by the Milford (Ma.) Mighty Mites looked less like a game than a dance-off. Appearing during halftime of a high school contest, the Mites were presumably attempting to play football when Silento’s ubiquitous hit song “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)” came on over the P.A. system.

Well, there’s no point playing football under those circumstances, right? I mean, not while there’s the Whip and/or Nae Nae to be done.

Actually, some kids continue to play football, but many others pretty much forget all about that and bust out their finest moves. At one point, a child in a No. 57 jersey has to be told to stop dancing and hurry back to rejoin his teammates, lest he be caught offside.

Delightful stuff, and little wonder the video began going viral Tuesday.

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